Take on our challenge to go around the world in 30 days! Walk, run or cycle as many km's as you can this June to help end wildlife extinction. SIGN UP NOW!!
Take on our challenge to go around the world in 30 days! Walk, run or cycle as many km's as you can this June to help end wildlife extinction. SIGN UP NOW!

Help ZSL run, walk, cycle or roll ‘Around the World’ in 30 Days! 

Select your distance – 2km, 5km or 8km a day – or choose your own target, ask your friends and family to sponsor you and then walk, run, wheel, swim or cycle, anywhere, anytime, through the month of June to help save wildlife at risk of extinction. 

Together, we want to travel all the way 'Around the World in 30 Days' – that’s 40,075km – in June. Last year we crossed the finish line on the final day of the month, and most importantly, our amazing fundraisers helped us raise over £25,000 for global wildlife conservation. Can you help us get ‘around the world’ even quicker, and raise even more money this June? 

Around the World in 30 Days

Get your free ZSL t-shirt!

Everyone who takes part in Around the World in 30 Days and raises £30 or more can get a free ZSL exercise t-shirt, as a thank you for helping wildlife. Sign up to find out more. 

And new for 2024, everyone who raises £100 or more can enter a prize draw to win a meet the animals experience at London Zoo for two people! 

Choose your distance

Select a distance from the three inspired by the animal kingdom below, or choose another distance that suits you, then add your progress to our global tracker throughout June and see how, together, we make tracks around the world.  

Along the way we’ll send you heart-warming stories of how, thanks to your support, ZSL is saving wildlife around the world. 


2km (or 2,500 steps) a day for hedgehogs in the UK

Hedgehogs roam an average of 2km a night. Show your support for hedgehogs, which are at risk of extinction in the UK, by travelling 2km a day, or 60km in June. 

Hedgehogs in the UK have experienced a dramatic decline over the last 20 years. ZSL is working to halt this decline, by identifying hedgehog populations, investigating the key threats hedgehogs face and supporting conservation management strategies for their protection.

Around the World in 30 Days

5km (or 6,250 steps) a day for elephants in Asia

Elephants need to eat up to 150kg of food a day and have around 150,000 muscle units in their trunks! Travel 150km in June or 5km a day, to show your support for endangered elephants. 

Human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trade and habitat destruction are critical threats to elephants in Asia. We are using cutting-edge wildlife technology, working with partners and communities that live alongside elephants to reduce conflict and monitor and protect elephants.

Around the World in 30 Days

8km (or 10,000 steps) a day for cheetahs in Africa

Sadly, there are less than 8,000 Northwest African cheetahs left in the wild today, and they need our help. Travel 8,000 metres (8km) a day or 240km in total this June to support cheetahs. 

Since 1991, we have been conducting the longest running in-depth survey of a wild cheetah population and are working to protect them from threats posed by habitat loss and poaching to create practical routes to recovery for this species. 

What people are saying...

Charlotte from London: 

“I have started to look forward to Around the World every year as a push to get out and move my body more. Competing with friends, family and colleagues to get the most km gives me the energy to keep going, even on days where I might feel like staying in. But it’s also a great way to get us all out together in the sunshine.” 

Clare from Hertfordshire: 

“Around the World in 30 days coincided with me taking part in a learn to run course – so this gave me the extra motivation to go out running, instead of just walking. It was also a great way for me to track my progress over a month, as I built up my running distances. Not only was I getting fit, but I was raising money for a great cause.” 

Our Goal, Your Challenge

While our shared goal is covering 40,075km in 30 days, how you achieve your distance is entirely up to you. You can run, walk, cycle, swim, wheel or roll in any location you like. You can do it all in one day or cover smaller distances on a daily basis. 

This challenge is for everyone, whether you’re taking daily walks as a family or looking to step out of your comfort zone and start long distance running. Choose a goal or set your own.

Our Around the World in 30 Days Team